Sales and Marketing

Small Business Sales and Marketing

marketing and sales are keySales and Marketing are extremely important functions in a business. After all, if you don’t make sales you won’t be in business for long. And to make sales, people have to find out about your product. That is the purpose of marketing.

Some small business gurus say that EVERY company is a MARKETING company. In other words, it is your most important function.

It does not matter if you have the best product or service in the entire universe. It will count for nothing if people don’t know anything about it.


Advertising is the best way to market a small business but this is expensive especially in this economic environment. There are many marketing methods available and choosing the right one for the business is a challenge. The limited budget on which small businesses need to market make matters worse.

The first step is to know the target. Knowing where and how potential customers will try to reach for the offered product or services. Will they search online or on social networking sites? What marketing approach is best for the company? After arriving at the answers for these questions, they can be referred to time and again when selecting the best way to market a small business.

Inexpensive ways to market a small business

1) Put up a website
An appealing website can make any business look professional. If you cannot afford a custom-designed website, there are several online companies that provide templates that will help put up a basic website.

2) Networking

Meeting and interacting with people is the best way to build a business and can prove to be a huge asset. Apart from the old fashioned networking, social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can also be used to promote businesses.

3) Offer discounts and coupons

Everyone loves discounts and coupons. This will attract new customers and also guarantees return visits.

4) Give and offer to give speeches

Local business groups, libraries, conferences require speakers and this is an inexpensive way to talk about your business and make contacts.

5) Competitions
Organizing competitions which offer a reward or prize is an effective way to entice new customers.

6) Videos
Many people prefer to watch videos and are extremely active on video hosting sites, especially YouTube. Create promotional and instructional videos, comment on videos related to the business’s niche.

7) Press Releases
Press releases can be a very cost effective way of marketing a small business. See our article on press releases here.

Whether the business has just started off or has been functioning for years, it is always good to use some of the above tested strategies to attract new customers and to grow the business.

 Here is a video about Marketing a Small Business